Release candidate iOS 16.2 includes time limitation for AirDrop file sharing

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Apple has released the latest test version of iOS 16.2. It contains a time limit for file sharing via AirDrop. The feature appeared last month in the Chinese version of iOS 16.1.1 and is now rolling out worldwide via iOS 16.2.

The time restriction works according to 9to5Mac in exactly the same way as in the Chinese version of iOS 16.1.1. The same three options will then also be seen in the settings menu of the AirDrop function. An option to not receive files via AirDrop, an option to only receive files from contacts, and an option to receive files from anyone within a 10-minute time frame. If the latter option is chosen, AirDrop switches to the mode where only contacts can send files after ten minutes.

When the feature was discovered in the Chinese version of iOS 16.1.1 in November this year, Bloomberg news agency wondered whether this measure would not be a nuisance to Chinese protesters. They allegedly use AirDrop technology to exchange files anonymously. Apple did not respond to this, stating that the new AirDrop restriction aims to help prevent unwanted file sharing via AirDrop.

The AirDrop time limit isn’t the only new feature in the release candidate of iOS 16.2. Apple is also testing Advanced Data Protection functionality and Apple Music Sing, Apple Music’s new karaoke feature, in this version of its mobile operating system.

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