Prey DLC Mooncrash is available

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Arkane Studios has immediately made the Mooncrash DLC available for Prey. Later in the summer, a new multiplayer expansion will be released as part of the DLC called Typhon Hunter. There is also a VR version of this.

Mooncrash is set shortly after the events of Prey, when TranStar’s secret moon base suddenly stops communicating. In the expansion, the player takes on the role of hacker Peter, stationed in a spy satellite, to find out why the communication has stopped.

The Mooncrash DLC is available separately for 20 euros. In addition, the expansion is part of the Prey: Digital Deluxe edition. Arkane Studios is also making three new game modes available to all players: Story Mode for casual players, Survival Mode for advanced players, and ‘New Game +’ for anyone who’s finished the game but wants to play it again.

The Typhon Hunter update should then be released in the summer for everyone who has the Mooncrash DLC. This multiplayer update brings a kind of cross between hide-and-seek and cat-and-mouse to the game, pitting one player against five others who can shape-shift as Mimic aliens. Part of Typhon Hunter is TranStar VR. This is a kind of escape room for vr headsets, where players have to solve puzzles in the Talos 1 space station.