Older Galaxy Watch models also get fall detection with sensitivity options

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Samsung is going to release certain features of the Galaxy Watch4 for some older Galaxy Watch models. For example, the watches get more extensive fall detection options, and it becomes possible to challenge friends and family via the Group Challenge app.

The software update that makes the new functions available can be downloaded immediately, Samsung writes. The advanced fall detection function of the Galaxy Watch4 is now available for the Galaxy Watch Active2 and Galaxy Watch3. With this app, the watches notice when the wearer falls hard and can automatically send an SOS message to pre-selected phone contacts. With the more extensive options, the sensitivity of the fall detection can be set, although Samsung recommends the ‘High Sensitivity’ option only for people who generally do not move ‘intensely’, but who have a high chance of falling.

The Group Challenge app will also be updated, which will make it possible to invite family and friends for a ‘sporting challenge’, both individually and in a team. For example, users can set up a competition in which whoever takes the most steps within three days wins. A ranking will then show you how many steps each participant has already taken. Finally, the update adds ten watch faces to the older Watch models, which were previously only available on the Watch4.

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