Oculus Releases Software That Gives Go Users Root Access

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Oculus has released an OS build for the Go headset, which is fully unlocked and provides root access. This allows users to run more of their own software on the headset. Oculus advisor John Carmack previously said this was coming.

The software allows users to stop the Go’s bootloader from checking the signature of the boot.img file, or to verifying that the software running is from Oculus via the dm-verity in the kernel command line. Users can also replace the boot.img and system.img with their own software.

These users will receive a warning when starting the headset that the device may be running modified software. The manufacturer also warns that users will no longer receive ota updates.

Consultant Cto John Carmack said last month already on Twitter that the software was coming. He says he’s wanted “for years” the option to unlock the Go headset and for users to be able to do more with the hardware than was previously possible. For now, the root access only applies to the Go headset, but he hopes it “sets a precedent”.

The Oculus Go was Facebook’s first standalone VR headset. The headset has three-axis head tracking, unlike newer Oculus headsets that have six-axis head tracking. Oculus discontinued the Go in June 2020, two years after release.

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