Nothing shipped 500,000 copies of Phone (1)

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Up-and-coming smartphone manufacturer Nothing has sold 500,000 Phone units to date (1). That says founder Carl Pei in an interview. This means that the manufacturer has a market share of probably less than 0.1 percent.

Nothing has shipped slightly fewer copies of its Phone (1) than its earplugs Ear (1), which have sold 600,000 units to date, says Pei in the interview with CNBC. Since the release of the phone in July, a total of approximately 500,000 smartphones have been shipped worldwide, bringing the market share to 0.1 percent.

Nothing released its phone in a limited number of countries. For example, the device was not released in the United States and that will not happen again. A next device could possibly be released in the US and the manufacturer is discussing this with American providers. In the US, the providers control the market.

Pei also mentions in the interview that Foxconn did not want to do business with Nothing. According to Pei, Foxconn said it had often worked with start-ups in the past and that failure costs Foxconn a lot of money. Nothing has its Phone (1) produced in India.

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