Nike brings special shoe on the market for healthcare workers

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In addition to special shoes for different athletes, Nike now comes with the Nike Air Zoom Pulse shoes for ‘everyday heroes’: healthcare workers. We all know the medical clogs that are often worn by employees in healthcare institutions.

According to Nike, the Air Zoom Pulse can be seen as an athletically made traditional clog, equipped with all the comforts you need as a healthcare worker. The shoe can be put on with one hand and easy to clean.

Comfortable with beautiful design

It is undeniable that the design of specially designed shoes is special. In addition, the Air Zoom Pulse shoes come in various designs and they certainly stand out compared to the traditional clog or crocs.

Nike wanted to make the shoes as comfortable as possible, certainly because care workers cover considerable distances in one day and do a lot of standing work. Together with professionals from American hospitals, the shoe was designed and made suitable ‘for all hospital conditions’. Nike wanted to keep the design simple, while the shoe offers all the support to relieve the feet as much as possible.

No laces, but elastic

According to Nike, the shoe fits completely on the foot and has a sturdy heel, which also feels like a ‘soft, cuddly embrace’. Because the shoe does not have laces but an elastic band, they are easy to put on and take off, which is of course a requirement for healthcare workers. The outside is coated with a material that repels all types of liquids. On the photos we see that all models have the international symbol of care.

The shoes will be available on the website from December. There are also six special designs on the market, designed by patients from a children’s hospital. The price of the Nike Air Zoom Pulse has not yet been announced.