Blue Origin unveils plans to expand outside the United States

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Blue Origin plans to build an international launch site outside the United States. Jeff Bezos’ space company is also looking for partners and acquisition opportunities in Europe.

The company wants to be able to scale up more quickly in terms of launches and rocket engine production, CEO Bob Smith said the Financial Times. No new launch locations have been chosen for the time being; this project is said to still be in its early stages. When it comes to acquisitions and new collaborations, Blue Origin specifically looks at companies in Europe. There are said to be many ‘space professionals’ in Europe.

The company admits that the number of possible rocket launches is currently a sticking point. According to Engadget Blue Origin’s new direction is intended to keep up with competitor SpaceX. The company is said to have been overtaken by SpaceX in recent times in terms of innovation and progress. Blue Origin did manage to secure a contract from NASA in May for a moon landing mission, although the first two missions, Artemis III and IV, went to SpaceX.

Blue Origin currently has a variety of locations across the United States, including its headquarters in Seattle, a testing facility in West Texas and a launch pad in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

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