Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple postpones VR headset release

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Apple is delaying the release of its VR headset to the second half of next year. That says analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who often has a lot of information about unannounced Apple products. The release would first take place in the spring.

Mock up: Apple VR headset

This means that the release will take place at least a few months later than planned, Kuo reports. Apple would have planned to present the VR headset and accompanying software in January, but whether that will happen now is unknown. With the Apple Watch, for example, the manufacturer presented the clock more than half a year before the release.

Kuo does not give an exact reason for the delay, other than that it has to do with software. Recently claimed financial news agency Bloomberg that Apple would call the software xrOS, where the codename was realityOS for many years. XR is a well-known term for mixed reality, a collective name for virtual reality and augmented reality.

Apple’s VR headset has been rumored for years. It would display reality with cameras and overlay elements of the interface, apps and games. That’s also how the Meta Quest Pro works.

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