Microsoft Flight Simulator gets more ‘unexpected’ expansions

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Microsoft will provide Flight Simulator with more ‘unexpected’ expansions in the future, such as the announced Top Gun DLC. That should make the game interesting for a wider audience. There will also continue to be expansions for sim gamers.

Jorg Neumann, the CEO of Microsoft Flight Simulator, said that during the Xbox Games Showcase Extended. He spoke about the console version of the game, which will be released on July 27 for the Xbox Series X and S.

Neumann didn’t provide concrete details about future expansions, but he stated that people probably weren’t expecting the Top Gun expansion shown and he says more such expansions will be coming. The developer wants to appeal to both gamers and simulation enthusiasts.

It is not yet known what the Top Gun expansion will bring. The trailer shows fighter planes and an aircraft carrier. The DLC is based on the movie Top Gun: Maverick, which will be released in the fall and is expected to appeal to a large audience. It seems plausible that this will be accompanied by more arcade-like gameplay.

The console version contains 22 tutorials, which is more than the 8 in the PC version. The manuals are also shorter and ‘more focused’, which should make them more accessible for newcomers. It will also be possible to land anywhere in the game. Also on water, or in the snow. Also, with the Flight Assistant, players can choose a location from the map and the AI ​​pilot will fly them there.

Neumann emphasizes that the team will continue to work on expansions and updates that will make Flight Simulator ‘the ultimate simulator’. There will also be more World Updates, which will make the game world more detailed. Two more this year and six next year.

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