Micron invests $15 billion in new US chip factory

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The American chip manufacturer Micron will invest 15 billion dollars in a new American chip factory over the next ten years. According to Micron, it will be the first new American manufacturing hall in twenty years where memory modules will roll off the production line.

The new manufacturing facility will be built in Boise, Idaho, where Micron’s headquarters are also located. The new factory will be completed in ten years according to Micron about 17,000 new jobs.

This investment is part of the plans Micron announced last year. Then the American company announced that it would invest $150 billion worldwide in its production and research and development department over the next ten years. Of that amount, there would be 40 billion dollarsr to be invested in the North American memory chip production chain. With those investments, Micron would focus on ‘the rising demand for memory that is essential for all computing’.

Micron says the investments were made possible in part by the US Chips and Science Act passed in August. Among other things, the law aims to strengthen national chip supply chains in the US, create tens of thousands of new jobs and help reduce dependence on Chinese chip manufacturers. Through this law, the US government will release $52.7 billion in subsidies and 23.5 billion in tax breaks for the construction of new chip factories.

According to Micron, this law was important to allow the investments to continue. After all, Micron stated last year that making memory chips in the United States costs 35 to 45 percent more than in cheaper markets. Financing and fiscally attractive investment conditions are therefore ‘critical’, it was said at the time.

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