Mathematical formulas are now easier to read in Bing Chat

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Microsoft has made an update to Bing Chat. This would make complex mathematical formulas easier to read. The AI ​​chatbot should also be less likely to break off chat sessions from now on and should be able to deal better with current topics.

In a blog post from Microsoft says that Bing Chat now supports Latex. This is a layout and typesetting system with which complex mathematical formulas can be designed and integrated into documents so that they are easy to read. According to Microsoft, the support of LaTeX means that complex mathematical formulas will now be easier to read in Bing Chat.

The company also reports that conversations that users have with the AI ​​bot are less likely to be broken off from now on. It is not clear what adjustments Microsoft has made for this. Microsoft also claims that Bing Chat will now provide ‘better’ answers to questions about current affairs.

An example of how Bing Chat will display scientific formulas differently from now on

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