Mario Strikers: Battle League Free Update Adds Two Characters And Stadium

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The first free update of the Switch game Mario Strikers: Battle League rolled out on Thursday. It adds, among other things, a new gear set, a new stadium type, and the playable characters Daisy and Shy Guy.

The update was announced earlier this week and is now available. The new stadium is called Desert Ruin. As the name implies, it lets the player play soccer in a desert ruin. The new gear set is the ‘Knight’ set, which gives the player extra strength. It comes at the expense of the speed and technique stat. From now on, when the player selects the ‘random’ option when selecting a character, it will automatically appear in the gear set that the player has selected for that character. Furthermore, Nintendo made some minor changes. Thus, the chance of scoring a goal from a long distance with a weak shot is reduced.

Mario Strikers: Battle League was released for Nintendo Switch on June 10. It was developed by Next Level Games, the studio behind the original Mario Smash Football game for the GameCube and Mario Strikers Charged Football for the Wii.

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