LG’s new OLED and LCD TVs will receive pass-through support for DTS:X

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LG’s new OLED TVs and the more expensive new LCD TVs will receive support for DTS:X. Looks like it’s not full support; it is probably about the pass-through option, so that the DTS: X signal can be forwarded to soundbars and receivers.

In the press release of DTS parent company Xperi says the company that LG’s latest OLED and premium LCD TVs have DTS: X technology, but it was previously revealed that the televisions LG is releasing this year are still unable to decode DTS themselves. It is therefore probably about the capacity to pass on a DTS bitstream to a soundbar or receiver that supports the format.

It only talks about DTS: X, the counterpart of Dolby Atmos. Therefore, there is no information about other DTS audio formats, such as DTS-HD Master Audio and DTS 5.1. It is also unclear how this compares to Imax Enhanced DTS audio, which will appear on Disney+ this year. This will probably also involve passing on the bitstream to an Imax Enhanced soundbar or receiver that is Imax Enhanced certified.

The LG televisions of 2019, such as the C9, still had support for DTS, but in the following years that disappeared and only audio formats from Dolby were supported. This is also the situation with many televisions from other manufacturers. It is still unclear which exact LG models will receive the new DTS: X support, but it probably concerns all OLED TVs from 2023 and the more expensive LCD TVs that will be released this year.