‘Apple postpones cheaper version of Vision Pro due to production problems’

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Apple is reportedly delaying the cheaper version of its Vision Pro VR headset because it is difficult to make the necessary components on a large scale. That is why the company is also said to have adjusted the production expectation of the Vision Pro downwards.

In particular, the yields of the micro-OLED screens on the inside of the headset are lagging behind expectations. reports the Financial Times based on various sources. The cheaper version of the Vision Pro should also have these screens, which is why it is necessary to postpone that version. Apple would probably want to make it on a larger scale than the Vision Pro.

Production expectations for the Vision Pro already have to be lowered. Where Apple first thought it could produce a million units in the first year, that would now be 400,000. There are also suppliers who say that Apple has requested enough parts for 150,000 units.

Lower production expectations may also have contributed to the Vision Pro’s higher-than-expected $3,500 price tag and limited release. The higher price might lead to slightly lower demand. Demand will also be limited by only announcing a US release and not worldwide.

Apple announced the Vision Pro last month. It is a VR headset that projects the visionOS interface onto a camera-captured image of reality. On the outside is a curved OLED screen that can display the user’s eyes.

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