LG Display shows bendable 42″ OLED monitor and 97″ TV with OLED.EX panel

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LG Display is demonstrating a bendable 42″ OLED monitor with a curvature of 1000R at a trade fair. A year ago, the manufacturer also showed a 48″ variant of such a screen. Furthermore, the screen maker shows a 97-inch screen for TVs based on OLED.EX technology.

The bendable 42″ OLED monitor is according to LG Display aimed at gamers. The screen would make it possible to change the curvature depending on the application. The maximum curvature is 1000R; that is equal to the curvature of a circle with a radius of one meter. Further details about the monitor are unknown.

It is not known whether a bendable OLED monitor will actually come on the market. Screen manufacturer LG Display does not make monitors or TVs, but supplies the panels to LG Electronics, among others. At the beginning of last year, LG Display showed a comparable bendable OLED monitor, but based on a 48 “panel. No production version has appeared.

LG Display also shows a 97″ OLED panel for TVs, based on OLED.EX panel technology. The manufacturer introduced such panels at the beginning of this year. The EX panels are an improvement of last year’s evo panels and have a higher peak brightness LG has indicated that it has been producing TVs with EX panels since the second quarter.

At the beginning of this year, LG Electronics already announced a 97″ OLED TV. It should be released in the second half of this year for about 25,000 euros. That TV may contain the EX panel that LG Display is now showing, but that is not yet available. confirmed.

LG Display shows 97″ OLED.EX panel

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