KIA: EV9 coming in 2023, getting ota updates and autonomous driving mode

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KIA provides its upcoming EV9 electric car with over-the-air updates and feature on demand. In addition, KIA is equipping the car with AutoMode, a technology for autonomous driving that will eventually be used in more vehicles.

KIA’s EV9 is scheduled for 2023 and should then become the company’s first electric car with ota updates, fod and AutoMode. The FOD means that buyers of the EV9 have to pay for extra functionalities that KIA can activate. AutoMode should come to more electric cars from the company after the EV9 and be available in all new KIA models by 2026.

It is not known to what extent AutoMode initially offers autonomy, but the aim of the manufacturer is that the technology eventually makes fully autonomous driving possible. The company also mentions the presence of a Highway Driving Pilot function, for driving on highways without driver intervention.

The EV9 is currently only shown as a concept car. It is an SUV with a length of five meters, which should be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in five seconds. The range should be 540 kilometers and after six minutes of charging, the car should be able to drive up to 100 kilometers, is KIA’s aim.

The manufacturer announced the EV9 features during the publication of its roadmap. The goal is to have a run of fourteen bevs by 2027. By 2030, KIA should then sell 1.2 million bevs.

KIA’s concept car EV9