Google Photos gets automatic photo edits

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Google Photos will get an automatic photo editing option later this year, the search giant says at its own developer conference IO. The option can, among other things, move objects in photos and add missing elements. The feature is an extension of Magic Eraser.

The magic editor will appear as an option in Google Photos, but the search giant hasn’t shown how it works in the app’s interface. The examples that CEO Sundar Pichai mentioned included moving a photo in the frame. In another example, the software moved the entire frame and added balloons and a bench that were not in the original photo. The feature will be out later this year, but Pichai didn’t say when that will be.

In Maps there will be an option to view routes before driving that route. This uses the Immersive View presented last year. As a result, users can see what the routes look like with AI-curated images of the environment. The Immerse View for Routes will be released this summer in fifteen cities, including Paris, London and 13 other cities.

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