Jihadists crack United States military Twitter account – update

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The US Department of Defense is facing a hack. Through the Twitter account of the so-called United States Central Command, or Centcom for short, self-proclaimed jihadists announced that they had hacked the Pentagon’s network.

The jihadists reported that they had started a cyber jihad. They said ISIS is there and ‘in every PC and on every military base’. In addition, they wrote that they want to harm American soldiers. They also threatened to harm the women and children of the soldiers.

In addition to the threats, the jihadists also put alleged attack plans by the United States on Twitter. It involved plans by the country to attack China and North Korea, but it is not clear whether the plans are truthful. The criminals also broke into the YouTube account of the United States Central Command.

The US Department of Defense has since confirmed the hack, Reuters reported. Centcom would take ‘appropriate measures’. The Twitter account in question has since been suspended and can no longer be reached.

Update, 7.30pm – The US Department of Defense confirmed the hack to Reuters. The article has been adapted accordingly.