IKEA releases first ASUS Republic of Gamers furniture in China

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IKEA has released its first ‘gaming furniture’ in China. The retail company designed these furniture pieces in collaboration with ASUS and releases them in the Republic of Gamers series. It is not yet known whether and when the furniture will be released in the Benelux.

The ROG furniture is provided with a ‘For Gamer’ stamp on the IKEA China website. The products include an Uppspel desk, which is height-adjustable and has extra space for cable management. The desk is also available in different sizes, with a starting price of 487 euros for a 140cm version. It is not clear what the product would cost in Europe. The manufacturer also shows a simpler black desk, with red accents, and a Utespelare desk with a mesh back. IKEA claims this is for air circulation when users place their PC under the desk. This desk is 160cm wide and costs 77 euros.

The Uppspel desk, the cheaper Huvudspelare and the Utespelare with mesh back

IKEA also shows various Uppspel cabinets and accessories, which belong to the sit/stand desk of the same name. This includes a chest of drawers on wheels, which will be available for 77 euros. IKEA also comes with an Uppspel wall cabinet for the equivalent of 64 euros. This has a hanging board on the inside, which can be provided with hooks to hang up headphones or controllers, for example. This pegboard is also available separately for 19 euros. IKEA also sells individual LED strips, which can be attached to the back of the Uppspel wall cabinet.

The different IKEA ROG Uppspel cabinets

The Swedish company continues with some office chairs. The furniture company is showing the Matchspel, which features a mesh backrest with built-in curve for lumbar support. However, this curve is not adjustable. The Match game costs about 128 euros. In addition, a Utespelare appears, which looks more like a racing chair and costs 90 euros converted, and a less adjustable Huvudspelare with mesh back for 38 euros.

From left to right: the Matchspel in black and white, the Utespelare and the Huvudspelare

The range also includes some accessories, including a ring lamp with integrated phone holder, which costs about 32 euros in China. IKEA also comes with a PC stand with wheels. The furniture manufacturer also releases a mouse bungee, headset stand, mouse pads, cushions and other accessories.

IKEA announced its partnership with ASUS in September. The two companies announced at the time that the products would initially be intended for the Chinese market. IKEA did report at the time that the products would appear in other countries in October. It is not known whether the ROG furniture will also appear in the Benelux.

Some IKEA ROG accessories