How to Share Your Android Screen with Others Using Google Duo App

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Here we show you how to share your Android screen with the Google Duo app. Just follow these simple steps to perform this.

Step 1. First of all, go to the Google Play Store and update it Google Duo app.

Step 2. Once done, open the app on your device.

Step 3. Now select the person you want to have a video call with.

Step 4. Now tap on it ‘Video call’ option to start the conversation.

Step 5. You will see a few buttons at the bottom of the screen after connecting. Tap the three-star button Here.

Step 6. In the list of options, select the ‘Share screen’ option.

Step 7. You will now see a confirmation message. Just tap on it ‘Start now’ to start screencasting.

Step 8. In the next popup, choose whether you want to share the audio from videos or apps. Tap “Do not share” or “Share audio” option.

Step 9. The screen is now shared, and you will see a red cast button in the status bar.

Step 10. To stop sharing the screen, open the video call window and tap it ‘Share screen’ button again.

That is it! You’re done.

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