Google Maps will pay more attention to traffic jams

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Google Maps is already quite extensive. You can use it as a navigation system for in the car, but you can also use it to walk, cycle or even plan your public transport route. You can download maps in it so that you can offline see abroad where you are. Plus, it is possible to search for restaurants, gas stations and more. There is a range of possibilities, but it will only get more.

Google Maps on Android

If you use Google Maps on Android, you’ve probably already seen that you can report road closures, but also traffic delays and accidents. That option was added to Maps in 2018, but this could not yet be used by people with an iPhone. Now you can, because Google Maps on iOS finally adds the option to report incidents on the road. You will find that option later under the compass in the navigation.

For both Android and iOS users, something new is added, namely the ability to report road works or other objects on the road that can be disruptive. This makes it appear that Google Maps is coming closer to Waze, that it is already starting from day one to get better through the input of the user.


What Waze is very good at, that is to show what the situation on the road is now, so that you can better anticipate this while on the move. It is smart of Google to also add that to Maps. Maps crawl more towards Waze anyway lately. Google Maps also shows the maximum speeds and controls, making it an interesting alternative for Flitsmeister.

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