‘Fast iPhone charger not sold separately’

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The iPhone has been supplied for years with a not very fast 5W USB-AC adapter. With the iPhone 2018 there is finally a change in that: you are reportedly getting an 18W usb-c fast charger. Now it turns out that this iPhone quick charger is unfortunately not directly available separately.


Quick charger not in single sale

Due to problems with the production, there are fewer such chargers available than Apple hoped had, according to Macotakara (via 9to5Mac ). The factories are now running at full speed so that at least the three iPhone 2018 models can be delivered including the quick charger – and that should also be feasible. But for loose sales there are unfortunately not enough.

That means you can not buy a spare charger of the same fast type, or a copy for a somewhat older iPhone. Because the iPhone 8 (Plus) and the iPhone X – despite being supplied with an old-fashioned and slow USB charger – are perfectly suited to charge with this new charger.

I want to charge my iPhone faster, what now?

There are alternatives available at Apple. Maybe you have a 12W charger for the iPad, so you can charge your iPhone a lot faster. The iPhone X can be charged from 0 to 40 percent within half an hour. The combination of the usb-c charger of the MacBook and a Lighting-to-usb-c cable works even faster. This MacBook power is sold for 59 euros at the Apple Store.

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