PC market shows first signs of recovery after a year and a half decline

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The market for desktops and laptops is showing the first signs of recovery after a year and a half decline, reports analyst firm Canalys. Deliveries still fell year on year, but the decline is less than before.

Manufacturers delivered 11.5 percent fewer desktops and laptops this spring than in the same period a year ago, reports Canalys. Deliveries fell from around 70 million in the second quarter of 2022 to 62 million now. This makes the decline much less significant than in previous periods, when there were declines of 30 percent. In addition, the number of deliveries increased compared to the previous quarter and that had not happened for a while.

Laptop deliveries fell 9.4 percent, while desktop deliveries fell 19.3 percent. The market for laptops is now about four times larger than that for desktops. Manufacturers delivered a total of 49.4 million laptops, compared to 12.6 million desktops. According to Canalys, the relatively limited decline is a prelude to higher deliveries in the PC market in the next six months.

The market went into free fall after the corona peak. In addition, the PC market, like many other sectors, was affected by chip shortages, but these are now almost over. Lenovo remains the market leader with a share of 22.9 percent, followed by HP with 21.6 percent and Dell with 16.6 percent. Apple follows with 11 percent.

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