Edge welcome screen announces ‘April’ name for upcoming Windows 10 update

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Since the release of test build 17134 of Windows 10, the Edge browser shows a welcome screen called ‘April update’. It seems that the update will not be released as a ‘Spring Creators Update’.

Windows 10 insider testers after updating to build version 17134 will see an Edge opening screen that reads “Welcome to the April update,” Neowin noted. A video that Microsoft posted online last week also mentions the name “Windows 10 April 2018 Update” used. With that, it looks like this is going to be the name of the upcoming major Windows 10 update.

For a long time, it seemed to come out as Spring Creators Update, a name in line with the previous updates, which were successively called Creators Update and Fall Creators Update. With the new name, Microsoft is renaming the first Windows 10 update: the November Update, which appeared in 2015.

Microsoft has given the name another week to release the update. Possibly that will be Tuesday, the day Microsoft often uses for updates. The Fall Creators Update was released last year on Tuesday, October 17, and the Creators Update on Tuesday, April 11.

According to Microsoft followers with sources within the company, the April update was initially set to release April 10. Microsoft later confirmed that there were issues with the update that could lead to blue screen of death crashes. That is why a new build appeared, which has since been distributed to Insider testers.

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