E Ink incorporates finger touch module into e-reader screen

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E Ink introduces the On-Cell Touch ePaper module; a touch module that is integrated into the e-reader screen. With the module, manufacturers do not need to laminate an additional touch-sensitive sensor on top of an E Ink screen.

According to E Ink, the new module should provide better contrast for e-reader screens. With Carta black and white screens it is about thirty percent better contrast. With the Kaleido Plus color screens, the module provides forty percent more contrast and fifteen percent higher color saturation. The module is located between the front light and the Electronic Ink Film layer.

E Ink also claims that an e-reader screen with the module is cheaper than an e-reader screen with a laminated touch-sensitive sensor. The module would also work with flexible and glass TFT backplane e-paper screens. The company tells Gizmodo that the module only works with fingers for the time being. Stylus input requires a separate pen input layer.

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