France is investigating whether Apple is breaking the law by making iPhone repairs more difficult

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The public prosecutor in Paris is investigating whether Apple violates laws by making it more difficult to repair iPhones. For example, Apple limits the functionality of iPhones that have been provided by repairers with spare parts from other companies.

The prosecution began the investigation in December after a complaint from the Stop Planned Obsolesence Association, HOP. That complaint was addressed according to HOP on associating iPhones with part serial numbers. Parts work less well or not at all if they have the wrong serial number, even if the parts themselves are fine.

For example, a new screen on an old iPhone, if Apple hasn’t paired it with the iPhone, won’t be able to adjust the color temperature to match the environment. Facial recognition Face ID also only works if the components are linked to the PCB with software. The battery and sometimes cameras also give notifications in the Settings when it comes to third-party components.

According to HOP, this practice goes against the right to repair and the pursuit of a circular economy. HOP had previously sued when Apple slowed down iPhones without telling users. Then the French market authority imposed a fine of 25 million euros.

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