Driver Update: Matrox G200, G400 & G450

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LIGHTNiNG! was the first to tell us that Matrox has put new drivers online for most of their video cards. The drivers have been given version number 6.21.003 for a change there are also release notes to be found :

Main Fixes

– Missing textures in Expendable at farest mip map

– 3D Pipes screen saver delay time in loading.

– Intro screen and menu were shown as four colored blocks in Heavy Metal FAKK2.

– When Using OpenGL in Half-Life Counter Strike, the menus would overlap and you would get corruption on the screen.

– Missing Textures and white blocks in Crimson Skies.

– Red squares on replays and on corners in Fifa 2000.

– Red squares on replays and on corners in Euro 2000.

– Missing textures in Rainbow Six Cover Ops Essentials.

– Various DX8 issues with games. (G200).

– DVD playback issues.

Main known issues

– Tiger Woods – If game resolution is increased Image exceeds the screen size.

– Forsaken – Power ups leaving pixels trail and flashes (G100 and G200 only).

– Fogging issues in X-plane 461

– When firing the 20mm cannon in F-15 (Jane’s Combat Simulations) the frame rate drops to zero and the textures flip off and then back on.

– During gameplay in Klingon Academy, you may see white dots appear in the middle of the screen.

– In Rune, when there’s textures on top of an other texture (like a decoration on a wall) parts of the texture that are on the top will disappear, depending on the angle that your character is positioned in.- Protel 3D Viewer crashes when viewing in 3D.

– Missing textures and z buffer issues in Virtual Pool 3.

– Big boxes on text in the menus of Devil Inside.

– The rotors on the helicopter are twice the size they should be, also explosions and smoke are practically big blocks in Enemy Engaged Apache Havoc.

– No EMBM in Kyodia

– Decals are dark in Half-Life when in OpenGL.

Version number 6.21.003
Operating systems Windows 9x
Website Matrox