Cyber ​​attack hits IT systems of the city of Liège

Several services of the city of Liège are not accessible due to an attack on the IT infrastructure of the city. A ransom was allegedly demanded by the criminals, which would indicate a ransomware attack.

It city ​​council of Liège reported suffered an IT attack affecting its services on Monday, without providing further details on the impact and nature of the attack. In any case, according to RTBF, many departments of the city were completely silent on Monday, including those for the registry office, urban planning and district municipalities. As a result, agreements with citizens for, for example, the issuance of travel documents cannot take place.

City officials were instructed not to turn on work PCs to prevent further spread. RTBF claims to have information that the criminals are demanding ransom money and the site speculates that it is Ryuk ransomware. It is unclear whether data was stolen. Liège says it has engaged ‘international experts’ to investigate the attack.