CryEngine gets Android support

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Crytek’s CryEngine is getting an Android version. Developers can sign up for a beta that will be available later this year. Crytek is working with Google on the Android version of its game engine.

With CryEngine for Android available, developers will be able to release their games on multiple platforms. The engine is now only compatible with PCs and consoles. The Climb from Crytek, a game for the Oculus Quest headset, did already appear. That is, in fact, the first mobile game based on the CryEngine.

According to Crytek, there will be a full Android pipeline for the engine. That is, a version of the engine is set up and maintained specifically for the mobile operating system. Crytek works together with Google for this, there is no mention of an iOS version.

Crytek shows a cutscene showing the Neon Noir demo on a Galaxy S20+ being played in the CryEngine. The company previously showed that demo for PCs. It is not yet known when Android games based on the engine will be released. Developers can sign up for a beta, which will be available sometime later this year.

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