China shares video of Tianwen-1 probe over Mars

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China has shared a video of its Mars probe in honor of the Chinese New Year. The video shows the probe orbiting Mars. The Tianwen-1 probe is in good condition, according to Chinese media.

The video from the China National Space Administration mainly shows the Tianwen-1 probe itself. The sun reflects brightly on the probe housing. In the background, the surface of Mars is faintly discernible. The probe was launched into orbit around Mars in February 2021. So the probe is well on its way to its one-year anniversary.

The Tianwen-1 is part of China’s Mars mission. The name stands for ‘Heavenly questions’. The country also successfully landed the Mars rover Zhurong on Mars last year. This Mars rover’s primary mission was completed in August. Since the Mars rover is in good condition, China wants the Mars rover to do even more research.

In addition to China, NASA is also conducting research on Mars with a Mars rover. Recently, the agency published audio recordings recorded by the Perseverance. In addition to the United States and China, Europe is also preparing a mission to Mars. The ESA plans to begin its ExoMars mission later this year.

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