Battlefield 2042 Update 1.2 Makes First Map and Specialists Changes

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DICE released the first major changes to the Kaleidoscope map in update 1.2. In addition, the developer is bringing a revamped look for the Specialists to the game and players can view their details and stats in the new profile tab.

Update 1.2 is the first major update in which the map Kaleidoscope is changed in this case. Earlier this year, in response to criticism from players, DICE announced its revamped map design philosophy. The developer focuses primarily on the pillars of ‘shelter, intensity, line of sight, routes and the distances between key points’. In Kaleidoscope, among other things, some key points have been added and open areas filled with shelter and other obstacles. The environment should now also feel more like a war zone. The next map to be redesigned is Renewal, due in an update later this month.

Furthermore, DICE is releasing new models for the Specialists, the playable characters in Battlefield 2042. Since the game’s release, there has been a lot of criticism about how unbelievable and inappropriate the characters behave and look. The new Specialists design philosophy should reflect that the people in the game are having a hard time and this would better reflect the tone of the game. Battlefield 2042 is a war game after all.

Players will now also be able to see details of their progress in the Profile screen and view a variety of stats under the Statistics tab, including k/d ratio, accuracy and headshots. Finally, DICE is making various balance tweaks to Battlefield 2042; various gadgets, Specialists, weapons and vehicles now have custom properties.

The update in question is part of an overarching rework of Battlefield 2042 as a whole. The game received a lot of criticism after its release at the end of 2021, including how the game felt. This was caused by maps that may or may not be too large and Specialists’ new skill system. That is why the Breakthrough mode was removed from the game earlier. In this game mode, 128 players were split between a team of attackers and a team of defenders. This mode was too chaotic according to DICE.