Apple is working on a function that charges iPhone in the US as much as possible with green energy

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Apple will release the Clean Energy Charging feature later this year, which will charge iPhones as much as possible with green energy. The company will use data from government services for this. The service is currently only available in the US.

With the Clean Energy Charging function want apple minimizing the environmental impact of charging an iPhone, “by optimizing charging times for when the power grid uses greener energy sources.” Apple isn’t detailing how the feature works just yet, but the company says the feature will be available this fall and will only work in the United States. There is no mention of other regions.

9to5Mac says found a new daemon in the iOS 16 code that collects emissions data from local sources, such as the Energy Information Administration. This agency of the American government collects and analyzes information about, among other things, the energy grid. According to the news site, Apple also downloads carbon emissions forecasts based on the user’s location and combines this data to determine when the Clean Energy Charging feature should charge the smartphone. How iPhone owners can enable and disable the feature is not clear.