Adobe Integrates Creative Cloud Libraries with Microsoft Office

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Adobe integrates its Creative Cloud Libraries into some Microsoft Office programs. This allows employees within an organization to add company logos to a document, for example. The integration will be available from Monday.

The Creative Cloud Libraries integration is added to Word and PowerPoint. The integration allows users to use assets from Creative Cloud Libraries in the Office programs. For example, company logos can be added to documents and presentations. Also, users can apply font styles to Word documents and add color schemes from their Creative Cloud library to documents.

Creative Cloud Libraries allow users to organize and sync assets from various Adobe applications online. This includes vector files from Illustrator, photos from Photoshop and Lightroom, font styles from InDesign, and color schemes from the various programs. Adobe Stock is also integrated into Creative Cloud Libraries. It allows users to download stock photos and various fonts, among other things.

Adobe has been working with Microsoft for some time. Last year, the two companies entered into a partnership. At the time, Adobe integrated PDF services into Office 365, the online version of Microsoft’s office suite. This allows users to create PDF files from Office 365. Adobe also added Adobe Sign at the time, allowing users to digitally sign documents.

Creative Cloud Libraries

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