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Internet banking at British bank has been flattened for six days by software migration

TSB, a British bank with 1.9 million customers, has been dealing with serious disruptions for six days. The internet banking and banking environments via an app are disabled. The problems have occurred since a software migration.

TSB customers can not currently use internet banking or use the app, but there are more problems. For example, some customers accidentally saw the data and accounts of other customers and would also have had access to them. For example, a customer told the BBC that he had access to someone else’s savings account. The bank admitted that this was the case on Sunday evening and related to 402 customers. There would also be problems with debit card payments and making payments.
TSB was originally part of Lloyds Bank, but was sold in 2015 to the Spanish Banco Sabadell. Initially, Lloyds continued to manage the it infrastructure, but that has now come to an end. When transferring 1.3 billion customer records to the bank platform Proteo4UK, which was made by Sabadell, the problems arose.
The Guardian keeps a live blog about the problems. It states that the bank’s CEO says that the problems are related to a lack of bandwidth. The app would have trouble with a large number of simultaneous users.
Earlier on Tuesday, the CEO promised that the services would work again in the afternoon, but that promise was not fulfilled. Now he says he hopes that the services will be online again tonight, but he notes that he has instructed IT staff to put the services online only when they are ‘really ready’. According to the ceo, the migration of customer data is the largest ever in Europe.
Banco Sabadell, owner of TSB, has published a press release on Monday in which it celebrates the successful migration. That message has been taken offline again, probably because of the problems, but can still be read via the cache of Google .
The problems at the British bank are reminiscent of the long-term disruption that occurred at the beginning of this month. at the Belgian bank Argenta . There, the problems lasted for a week and internet banking and the app for mobile payments were also turned off. Here too, migration to another bank platform was the cause of the failure.


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