YouTube Gaming app stops, gaming gets hub in YouTube itself

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YouTube will stop using YouTube Gaming. The app, which was launched in 2015 to compete with the popular Twitch (now from Amazon), does not seem to stand up to the primary place where streamers show their gaming skills. YouTube announced in a blog that they will remove the separate app in March next year.

That’s unfortunate for the people who did stream via YouTube gaming, but Google promises that the regular YouTube will get more opportunities for those people to do their thing. From now on you can go to the new and there you will find everything that has to do with the sector.

Transfer everything

At the top of the page you see personalized gaming content and the most streamed games of that moment. Directly below you can view the latest videos from the accounts you follow and thus you can see everything around gaming on one page. YouTube is also going to try to help not so familiar streamers by setting up an ‘on the rise’ section in trending and the game page. There, new emerging ‘creators’ are shown to the general public every week in the gaming environment. In the first instance, that function only goes to the US, but globally we can expect that somewhere in the ‘future’.

So it means that almost all functions that YouTube Gaming (like the dark mode) have been transferred to YouTube in general. Then this is a logical choice, because although the app still had download figures that most app developers would envy, it can not match the 200 million gamers who come to YouTube on a daily basis. YouTube Gaming is dead, long live YouTube Gaming!

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