Websites protest ‘lax’ US net neutrality rules

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Several major US websites, including Reddit, Netflix and Kickstarter, are protesting on Wednesday against what they see as lax net neutrality rules from the FCC. These would allow ISPs to charge content providers in exchange for better service.

Participating websites, in addition to Netflix, Reddit and Kickstarter, including Upworthy, Vimeo, Imgur and Mozilla, will show a notification on Wednesday that simulates a loading screen. After all, the rules of the Federal Communications Commission could cause websites to load more slowly, the group coordinating the action argues.

The deadline for citizens and businesses to provide their feedback on the proposed net neutrality rules ends on Wednesday. The rules are controversial because they do not prohibit fast lanes. In addition, internet providers could charge money from content providers for a better connection. According to critics, this is at odds with the principle of net neutrality.

Earlier, the FCC introduced stricter net neutrality rules, but in a case brought by internet service provider Verizon, the judge overturned those rules. According to the judge, the FCC cannot impose a transfer obligation on internet providers, as the committee originally intended.

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