VR version System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition should be full vr game

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System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition will feature an expanded virtual reality mode, where players will actually have to do things like swinging the wrench and reloading weapons by hand. The mode also works in co-op, and even if the other person is not using a VR headset.

The studio already had a teaser of his vr mode posted on Twitter, but now comes with some more information. Apart from actually physically swinging a melee weapon and reloading weapons, the studio says it will also be possible to pick up objects from a distance, “as it is in Half-Life: Alyx”. All in all, it should be a “really standout VR experience designed for VR from start to finish,” the studio told IGN. The vr version also has its own development team.

The VR mode for System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition will not be released at the same time as this edition. It is still a prototype, which will be released at a later date. At the same time, Nightdive is working on a remake of the original System Shock, which should be released sometime this year along with System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition, with a new demo coming later this month.

There is no word yet on which VR headsets the game will work with. In any case, the teaser shows that the developer uses a Valve Index controller, so that suggests that owners of that hmd are in the right place.

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