VanMoof releases portable 387Wh battery for e-bikes S3 and X3

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Bicycle maker VanMoof is releasing a portable battery for the S3 and X3. The PowerBank gives the e-bikes a range of up to one hundred extra kilometres. With the battery, cyclists can continue to charge the main battery of the bicycle, even while cycling.

The VanMoof PowerBank is the first battery of the VanMoof bicycles that can be removed. This way, users can also charge the device indoors. The battery can charge the S3 and X3 models both when stationary and while cycling. The battery weighs 2.8 kilograms.

The battery has a capacity of 387Wh. By way of comparison: the VanMoof bicycles themselves have a 504Wh battery that can cover 60 to 150 kilometers. According to VanMoof, the PowerBank allows users to extend that by between 45 and 100 kilometers, depending on which pedal position they use. The battery fully charges in three hours.

VanMoof will sell the PowerBank from Tuesday, but will not deliver it until June of this year. The device costs 348 euros.