Harley-Davidson puts an e-bike on the market with Serial 1 Cycle Company

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Harley-Davidson the legendary American motorcycle brand is doing something you could have expected much earlier and is making a foray into the world of e-bikes. Harley immediately launched a new company for this purpose, the Serial 1 Cycle Company, derived from the illustrious ‘Serial Number One’, the nickname for Harley-Davidson’s first motorcycle. Of course, the brand’s first e-bike is also called Serial 1 (Powered by Harly-Davidson).

Serial 1 e-bike especially for Harley enthusiasts

The motorcycle manufacturer has devoted their illustrious product development team to the development of a mind-blowing e-bike. The result is shown below. The Serial 1 has a kind of vintage look and is designed with a great sense of nuance. The e-bike has a beautifully styled thin black frame, a retro saddle and white tires that refer to all kinds of typical characteristics of the motorcycle brand. And the first reaction when you see this beautiful e-bike is that it is mainly designed for Harley-Davidson fans.