Update Microsoft Flight Simulator centers around Italy and Malta

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Microsoft released the ninth World Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator on Tuesday. It adds dozens of improved Italian and Maltese sights, among other things. New airports and exercises have also become available.

Like the previous World Updates, the update is free and available for all versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator. It brings with it 94 Italian landmarks that are now depicted in greater detail, including the Vatican City, the Olympic Stadium in Rome and the lighthouse of Genoa, writes Microsoft. There are eleven improved sights to see in Malta.

Four new airports have been added to the game: two in South Tyrol, one in Sicily and one on the island of Elba. In addition, more than 100 Italian airports and twenty cities have been graphically improved. The update also makes three new bush trips, three discovery flights and three landing exercises available.

The previous Wold Update came out in March. This one revolves around the Iberian Peninsula and includes 99 enhanced landmarks in Spain, Portugal, Andorra, and Gibraltar.

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