TomTom releases new version of built-in navigation software

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TomTom releases new software for navigation and infotainment systems. Navigation for Automotive is more cloud-oriented and can therefore provide live traffic information and update maps. The software also has Alexa integration.

TomTom releases the software for various automakers, such as Peugeot, Fiat and Renault, with whom the company has been working together for a few years. The software can show traffic information, such as where traffic jams are, based on data from other TomTom users and does this faster than before, according to the manufacturer. It is not necessarily necessary to have a mobile connection; it also works offline.

The software also has a different UI, which, according to the company, is easier to operate on touch displays or on the hud near the steering wheel, for example. There is also integration for Alexa and for alternative voice control via Cerence and Houndify. According to TomTom, the software can work together with other sensors in the car, making it possible to navigate to a charging point or gas station in time.

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