The Fedora Project releases Fedora 39 with Gnome 45 and Linux kernel 6.5

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The Fedora Project has released version 39 of its Fedora Workstation Linux distribution. This new version of this OS includes the Gnome 45 desktop environment, a newer version of the Linux kernel and an optional new version of the DNF package manager.

Fedora 39 gets version 45 of Gnome, among other things, reports The Fedora Project. This desktop environment implements several changes. For example, the workspace switcher is being updated, which allows users to switch between different virtual desktops. The software for viewing images has also been improved; it is being modernized, supports GPU acceleration and is now written in the Rust programming language. In addition, a keyboard backlight toggle has been added in the Quick Settings menu,

Furthermore, Fedora 39 gets version 6.5 of the Linux kernel. This includes more support for the upcoming Wi-Fi 7 standard. In addition, this kernel version provides improved support for P-states on AMD’s Zen 2 processors and newer. The kernel can thus manage the power consumption and performance of the cores more efficiently. Intel CPUs with a hybrid architecture, such as the Alder Lake and Raptor Lake series, also get better load balancing between P-cores and E-cores.

The operating system also offers newer versions of installed software, such as Inkscape. Users can optionally install a new version of the dnf package manager with the command sudo dnf install dnf5. This new version should work significantly faster than the previous version. Fedora Cloud images will also be available for Microsoft Azure. The new operating system can now be downloaded via the Fedora website.

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