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Gamers who spent a lot of time with Sid Meier's Civilization, which was released by Microprose for DOS in 1991, should be careful not to become addicted again. Since 1995, a group of developers has been working on creating an open source version based on this turn-based strategy game under the name Freeciv. The players of this game start in the year 4000 BC with a handful of colonists and try to establish a successful civilization. For more information, we refer you to this and this pages. The developers have released version 3.1.1, a so-called bug fix release. The changelog for this release can be found below:

What's Changed Since 3.1.0

3.1.1 is a generic bugfix release, mainly fixing an issue causing gtk4-client to overwrite user options on every launch.


  • Fixed issues with more than 65535 cities and units. Both server and client need to be updated for the fix to be active RM#304 RM#489
  • Fixed allied victory in case all players get allied before anyone perish RM#324
  • Fixed server crash after player removal when some remaining unit has that player as their nationality RM#383

Changes affecting other rulesets / muds

  • Worklist items with unreachable local range building requirements correctly purged osdn#48773
  • Supposedly hidden extras are no longer sent to the client as resources either RM#350


  • Various internal changes which should only affect developers. RM#147 RM#352



  • gtk4
    • Assert failures on policies dialog fixed RM#312
    • Fixed saving of the options migration status, so there's no new attempt on every client launch RM#427

Tools Ruledit

  • Editing of unit type flags added RM#284
  • Editing of additional flags added RM#323
  • Editing of terrain flags added RM#339
  • Editing of terrain native_to added RM#298
  • Editing or extra native_to added RM#316
  • Buildings flag editing unified with other flag editors RM#349
  • Make help text of buildings available for viewing RM#326 RM#368 RM#327
  • Tech's values ​​editing added RM#358
  • Corrected Tech Add/Remove button placements on experimental mode builds RM#430

Manual Generator

  • Use proper wiki tag in improvements manual RM#321
  • Add horizontal line between terrain types RM#325

Help / Documentation


  • Updated translations:
    • Complete translations: Russian
    • Incomplete translations: Finnish (100% core, 92% nations, 100% ruledit)


  • Refreshed bootstrap files from their upstreams RM#272 RM#291 RM#367 RM#378 RM#404 RM#405
  • Fixed some clang analyzer warnings RM#286 RM#317 RM#335 RM#377
  • Metainfo updates
    • Developer name information added RM#280
    • New gtk3.22 client screenshot RM#290
  • Meson based build fixes
  • Appimages
    • Added appimage configure option to meson based builds RM#393
    • Added script RM#396
  • Flat suit updates
    • Gnome sdk and platform updated to 46 RM#322
    • Qt sdk and platform updated to 6.7 RM#438
  • Fixed C++20 “capture this” sematics configure check RM#328
  • Fixed python syntax errors on generating network packet definitions RM#365
  • Fixed build against Qt-6.8 development version RM#462

Version number 3.1.1
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website Freeciv
License type GPL
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