Synology will stop offering older firmware versions DSM at the end of May

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Synology will remove older versions of its Disk Station Manager management software from its website. This means that users of older nass that are now end-of-life will no longer be able to get upgrades for their devices in the future.

Synology writes that it will remove DSM 6.2.3 and older from its site from the end of this month. Older versions of other software such as Video and Audio Station and Media Server are also disappearing. Synology recommends that users upgrade older versions of DSM from version 5.0 to the latest version. Users running even older firmware should still download the 6.2.3 firmware if they want to reinstall their device in the future, Synology warns. The firmware will no longer be available for download from May 31.

Synology gives few details about no longer offering the firmware. The company only says that it has to do with “licensing agreements.” Users on older firmware may have a problem with the shutdown in the future. New firmware will then only be available as an upgrade for DSM 6.2.4 or later, but it will not work on devices that have reached end-of-life status.

The following versions of the firmware will no longer be offered as of May 31:

firmware Version
Disk Station Manager 6.2.3 and older
DSM Unified Controller 3.1.1-23036 and older
VideoStation 3.0.2 and older
AudioStation 7.0.0 and older
MediaServer 1.4 and older
surveillance station 8.2.8 and older
Surveillance Station Client 2.1.0 and older
VisualStation VS240HD
VS960HD 3.0.1 and older
VS360HD 5.0.1 and older
Networking SRM 1.0 to 1.1.6
1.2 to 1.2.4
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