Synology Announces RT6600ax Router and DSM 7.1

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Synology has announced the RT6600ax, a three-band Wi-Fi 6 router that includes a 2.5Gbit/s port. In addition, the company is announcing updates to multiple software packages, including DSM 7.1, Surveillance Station 9.0, and SRM 1.3.

The Synology RT6600ax has six antennas and supports 4×4 mimo. It is a three-band router, in which, in addition to the regular 2.4GHz and 5GHz connections, an additional 5GHz link can be made between supported network devices for mesh connectivity. The total bandwidth is 6600Mbit/s.

The router is not a Wi-Fi 6E device and there is no support for the 6GHz frequency band, but the router can use the 5.9GHz frequency band, with channels with a width of 160MHz. That should already provide better connections in areas with a lot of Wi-Fi congestion. The device also has four 1Gbit/s ports, 1 for wan and three for lan, supplemented by a 2.5Gbit/s copy for both wan and lan. Synology plans to launch the router in the first half of 2022 at an undisclosed price.

The company does announce that its routers will be able to run version 1.3 of its SRM software next year. This software offers support for virtual LAN, can isolate devices in the network and is given a custom interface. The DS mobile app also gets an upgrade for more extensive management options with smartphones.

Synology further announced DSM 7.1 at its Synology 2022 and beyond event. This gives the software support for Server Message Block Multichannel. This is part of the Server Message Block 3.0 protocol and allows file servers to use multiple network connections simultaneously. DFS support will also appear with the arrival of update 7.1. DFS stands for Distributed File System and allows sharing of files from different locations using the same DFS path.

Surveillance Station is also getting an update to version 9.0. The software should simplify camera setup and provide a better user interface. The Monitor Center component provides an overview of feeds with replay options and alerts. The Central Management System gets more extensive options for updates and the possibility to make duplicate recordings simultaneously.

Synology DSM 7.1 and Surveillance Station 9.0 will be public preview in Q1 2022. SRM 1.3 will be released in the same quarter for the RT6600ax router and in the second quarter for the RT2600ac and MR2200ac.

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