Square Enix CEO wants to compensate gamers via blockchain for creating in-game content

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Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda wants to reward gamers who create user generated content via a blockchain technology. Games could be further developed by the community in this way in the future.

According to Matsuda, traditional game development involves delivering a finished product, but more could be drawn from the community of gamers. “In the future, we want to ‘deliver autonomous game content,'” he says in a interview with Yahoo Japan translated by VGC. “Some of the gamers want to contribute to making a game more interesting by creating new game modes and ways of playing. In the future, we want to use the power of these players to make games that continue to evolve.”

The Japanese CEO states that blockchain technology can help realize this concept. “Instead of relying on the benevolence [van spelers] we can help drive development through blockchain technology.”

Matsuda does not explain further in what form players are rewarded, but wrote in a blog post early this year that Square Enix would like to release its own crypto coin. The entire game industry is experimenting with the blockchain concept, although publishers usually encounter a lot of criticism from gamers. Matsuda’s statement at the beginning of this year was also much criticized.

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