Software Update: Vivaldi 5.0

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Version 5.0 of the web browser Vivaldi has been released. Vivaldi is a web browser developed by former Opera employees. He mainly focuses on power users and users of Opera before the switch to Chromium, although this browser is also based on it. Vivaldi has extensive capabilities such as mouse gestures, tab stacking, extended keyboard shortcuts, and annotation on web pages. The browser is free and is being developed for Windows, Linux and macOS, and since version 3.4 also for Android. In version 5.0 we find, among other things, new possibilities to adjust the appearance and web pages can be translated from a side panel:

Vivaldi 5.0: Announcing Shareable Themes, Translate Panel with automatic translations, and more.

Kick customization up a notch in the latest version of Vivaldi for desktop and notebooks. Build browser themes with a brand new editor, share them with the world and install themes from the community in a click. On the productivity front, a new Translate Panel allows instant translations of highlighted text.

Unapologetic about breaking conventions, we present the signature Vivaldi Themes in its new, powerful form. Now you can share Themes – a great way to unlock limitless possibilities for expressing yourself, every day.

When it comes to our features, we love to give you multiple options to work with. That’s practically a law at Vivaldi. We also consider your privacy our top priority.

And that is why Vivaldi Translate powered by lingvanex, our alternative to Big Tech’s translation tools, gives you a new built-in Translate Panel – a new, convenient way to translate web pages and selected texts safely and quickly. with a one step auto-translate option, it transforms web translations and lets you translate text snippets instantly, without any additional clicks

Most of the popular translation tools are from companies that collect data, but Vivaldi Translate keeps your privacy first. Only Vivaldi servers are involved, meaning you don’t have to share what you read with Big Tech’s ‘prying eyes’.

While our desktop update shines bright, Vivaldi on Android has leveled up today too, featuring a new and improved tab interface. Unique to Vivaldi, Two-Level Tab Stacks have now arrived on mobiles and tablets. Tablet-lovers are in for a treat especially, with a sleek, new design that includes a true side Panel. Read all about the Android news here

Version number 5.0.2497.24
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website Vivaldic
License type Freeware
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