Software Update: Unbound 1.16.1

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When you perform a DNS lookup, a recursor initially starts by asking the lookup query to a DNS root server. It can then redirect to other servers, from where it can redirect to other servers and so on, until finally a server is reached that knows the answer or knows that the look-up is not possible. The latter can be the case if the name does not exist or the servers do not respond. The process of traversing several authoritative servers is called recursion. Unbound is a dns recursor with support for modern standards such as Query Name Minimization, Aggressive Use of Dnssec-Validated Cache and authority zones. The developers have released version 1.16.1 with the following changes and improvements:


  • Fix #704: [FR] Statistics counter for number of outgoing UDP queries sent; introduces ‘num.query.udpout’ to the ‘unbound-control stats’ command.

Bug fixes

  • picks up 32bit libssp-0.dll when 32bit compile.
  • Fix for edns client subnet to respect not looking in its cache when instructed to do so (eg, prefetch).
  • Merge PR #688: Rpz url notify issue.
  • Note in the unbound.conf text that NOTIFY is allowed from the ‘url:’ addresses for auth and rpz zones.
  • Remove unused LDNS function check for GOST Engine unloading.
  • Fix for loading locally stored zones that have lines with blanks or blanks and comments.
  • Fix #663: use after free issue with edns options.
  • Clarify -v flag man page entry (#705)
  • Fix test program dohclient close to use portability routine.
  • Show the output of the exact .rpl run that failed with ‘make test’.
  • Fix for cached 0 TTL records to not trigger prefetching when serve-expired-client-timeout is set.
  • Add debug option to the test code.
  • Fix to not count cached NXDOMAIN for MAX_TARGET_NX.
  • Allow fallback to the parent side when MAX_TARGET_NX is reached. This will also allow MAX_TARGET_NX more NXDOMAINs.
  • iana port list update.
  • Fix detection of libz on windows compile with static option.
  • Fix compile warning for windows compile.
  • Merge PR #706: NXNS fallback.
  • From #706: Cached NXDOMAIN does not increase the target nx responses.
  • From #706: Don’t generate parent side queries if we already have the lame records in cache.
  • From #706: When a lame address is the best choice, don’t try to generate target queries when the missing targets are all lame.
  • Merge PR #671 from Petr Menšík: Disable ED25519 and ED448 in FIPS mode on openssl3.
  • Merge PR #660 from Petr Menšík: Sha1 runtime insecure.
  • For #660: formatting, less verbose logging, add EDE information.
  • Fix for correct openssl error when adding windows CA certificates to the openssl trust store.
  • Improve val_sigcrypt.c::algo_needs_missing for one loop pass.
  • Reintroduce documentation and more EDE support for val_sigcrypt.c::dnskeyset_verify_rrset_sig.
  • Fix bug introduced in ‘improve val_sigcrypt.c::algo_needs_missing for one loop pass’.
  • Merge PR #668 from Cristian Rodríguez: Set IP_BIND_ADDRESS_NO_PORT on outbound tcp sockets.

Version number 1.16.1
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Windows 11
Website Unbound
License type Prerequisites (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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