Software Update: SyncBackFree

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2Brightsparks has released version of SyncBackFree. This program is the simplest and therefore also the free version of the backup software that this company has to offer. In addition to making backups, SyncBackFree can synchronize data. This can be to a location on the same or a different disk, or to another medium, such as a CD-RW or USB stick, or to an ftp server or zip archive. In addition to this free performance, there are also SyncBackSE and SyncBackProthose for 44 and 60 euros respectively additional functionality offer. The changelog for this release can be found below:


  • Reset buttons on Compare Options->Date Time
  • In the Restore wizard you can double-click on a History row to use that date and time for rollbackFixed (Pro/SE): With Touch, junction points were always ignored


  • Merged the Compression and Compression->Encryption profile settings pages
  • If there are no profiles then the New profile button will flash
  • Compiled using latest release of Delphi
  • (Pro): New script function SBSystem.ShowMessage
  • (Pro): Running script section
  • to show order or calls to script
  • The Action selection is now a pop-up menu on the Differences window
  • The New Files and New Folders selection is now a pop-up menu on the File and Folder selection window
  • (Pro/SE): The FTP keep alive option now works with Chilkat FTP engine, but implemented in a different way
  • (Pro/SE): Can specify active FTP port range with Chilkat FTP engine
  • (Pro/SE): Chilkat FTP can now forcibly use LIST instead of MLST
  • (Pro/SE): Installation not allowed on Windows Server Core installations


  • (Pro/SE): With Touch, recursive/repeated junction points were not detected
  • EWS send mail failed with 32-bit SyncBack
  • (Pro): TStringlist constructor in scripting, help file also updated
  • (Pro): Plus character (+) in folder/file name could cause problems with Google Drive
  • (Pro): Some script functions were returning source file size instead of destination
  • (Pro): RunRunBeforeBefore, RunRunAfterBefore script functions not called
  • (Pro): S3 compatibility fix

Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website 2Brights Parks
License type Freeware
FolderFTPGoogleSoftwareSyncBackFreeUSBWindowsWindows Server