Software update: SUMo 5.16.0

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KC Softwares has released version 5.16 of SUMo. SUMo, which stands for Software Update Monitor, is a program that scans the computer for available software and then checks whether newer versions are available. By installing a driver agent it can also check for new drivers. The free version only tells you which programs have a newer version available and provides a link to a general search page on KC Softwares’ website. The pro version often gives better download links that lead directly to the manufacturer’s download page, but updating remains a manual process, so you always keep full control over your own system.

The pro version also has the option to update SUMo itself to a newer version and can also see whether computers connected to the local network have the latest updates via a clear web page. In addition to the standard installer, there is also one portable version available, which can do its job without having to be installed first. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:


  • 0007059: Wrong version reported for “Wondershare Filmora (64 bits) by Wondershare”
  • 0007050: “Raspberry Pi” company name rationalization
  • 0007047: Company name rationalization for “Blizzard”
  • 0007048: Incorrect version for Kobo Desktop above 4.33.17355
  • 0006498: Wrong version reported for “Dell Display Manager by EnTech Taiwan”
  • 0007034: Robustifying Abelssoft installer filtering
  • 0007042: “*webinstaller*” to be filtered out (installer)
  • 0006807: “eBook Converter” mixed with “eBook DRM Removal Bundle”
  • 0006823: Incorrect version reported for “Waterfox”
  • 0007021: Wrong version reported for “LibreWolf Portable”
  • 0007041: Wrong company name for “LibreWolf”
  • 0007039: “Rony Shapiro” company name rationalization
  • 0007037: Wrong version and company name reported for imDisk
  • 0007036: Increase performance of “scan” for Flash components
  • 0007033: Weakness in AIR Application scanning for a name
  • 0007032: “Open Whisper Systems” now replaced by “Signal Messenger, LLC”
  • 0007031: “Grammarly” company name rationalization
  • 0007029: “Mintty” multiple detection
  • 0007030: “Karen Kenworthy” company name rationalization
  • 0007028: “WiseUpdt by [empty]” to be filtered out (dependency)
  • 0007026: “view User’s Guide by [empty]” to be filtered out (dependency)
  • 0007027: “Launcher (64 bits) by [empty]” to be filtered out (dependency)
  • 0007020: SUMo shall differentiate Launchy from Launchy QT
  • 0007025: “Engelmann Software” rationalization
  • 0007024: G.Skill : “Trident Z Lighting Control”, 2 entries with wrong version
  • 0007023: “NVidia Package Launcher” shall be filtered out (dependencies)


  • 0005538: Wrong version reported for Remote Utilities Server by Remote Utilities LLC
  • 0007043: Some AutoCAD component in DWG TrueView are incorrectly reported as AutoCAD
  • 0007035: Shortcut to .cpl not resolved by “Scan” but works correctly with manual drag’n’drop

Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website KC Softwares
File size


License type Freeware/Paid
ApplicationdriverG.SkillGuideRemoteShortcutSoftwareSoftware UpdateSoftwaresWindows